Privacy Statement

At the Contrarian, we care very much about the privacy of our visitors. This page describes how this site is different from many other sites on the web.

Why is this important?

  • Data usage. For instance, scripts on the New York Times homepage use up to 75 MB of data. This is no biggie if you have a fast connection with unlimited data, but it’s very important if you are on a mobile connection or a metered home connection.
  • Big Brother (and snoopers). Sending data unsecured over the Internet using HTTP means that anyone who processes or has access to the data along the way (your ISP, telcos, the local coffee shop, backhaul providers, governments) can view it in plain text. Thieves can use this to steal logins or credit card numbers, and governments can use this to track citizens and foreign nationals.

Privacy and Security

  • HTTPS is used sitewide, powered by Let’s Encrypt and Dreamhost Secure Hosting. This provides end-to-end encryption of all the pages you read on The Contrarian. In addition to preventing governments and thieves from intercepting records on what you’re reading, it has the added benefit of thwarting content filters that block content based on keywords.
  • The security of our server is monitored by our web host. In addition, we are audited independently by Beyond Security to verify that there are no unpatched security holes or malicious software.