Purge in the Public Square

Riley Compton

Riley Compton

Riley Compton is currently a student at the Pennsylvania State University studying Political Science and Economics. Riley's expertise is in Republican politics and conservative policy, writing from his independent reading as well as his experience in working at the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and for many campaigns, including Senator Marco Rubio's campaign for the President of the United States.
Riley Compton

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In battling with college administrators, leftist ideologues, and raucous protesters, one thing has become abundantly evident: there is, unequivocally, a fascination with quelling uncomfortable or disagreeable speech. It is not exclusive to what has been dubbed “hate speech,” nor is it exclusive to offensive remarks wholly. It is ever-prevalent in all facets; from the banalities of common ideology to the wretchedness of unabashed racism. With this, the left takes it upon itself to clear the public square of debate and dialogue of any kind, allowing the demons of the far-right (and, to be fair, the far left) to fester underground while still equating them with said commonly-held ideology. Of this action, I find it counterproductive.

I find it thoroughly counterproductive because it has become time for a purge. Following the inauguration of a President who maintains a spotty, at best, record on tolerance and inclusion, and a Presidential campaign (on both sides) championed by demagoguery, my party – our party – the Republican Party – has been tainted. We have normalized the harboring of racists who hide behind the façade of “nationalism,” we have allowed misogyny, xenophobia, and homophobia a platform by the Alt-right, and we have tolerated, for far too long, antipathy towards the poor and working classes. It must stop. For us to see a true rebirth in intellectual conservatism, where the family, rather than the government, is the most important institution in society, and where the people, not the power-brokers, decide where their own money goes, it must stop. I am for a big tent – one of all peoples – yet the inclusion of these people is dangerous and counterproductive. We have a duty to our principles and our ideology to champion conservative policy rather than crass provincialism. Every time Alex Jones is entertained by President Trump, every time gay people are likened to pedophiles, every time Republicans refuse a chance to denounce white nationalism, our party, and our nation, is disgraced. It is, indeed, time for a purge.

Which is why I call on the left to, for the good of our country and our political system, stop shouting down disagreeable speech. Let us hear the voices of every racist, of every sexist, of every xenophobe and classist. Let us shine a light on the vermin. Let us clear our civic space of hatred. It is only when we call the dregs of our society to the public square, and when we illuminate their true beliefs and values, can we accost and absterge. I do maintain that civility can eclipse hatred and that reason will ultimately win. It is this belief that guided William F. Buckley as our party saw its first cleanse and it is this belief that will guide us again. Truth, liberty, and discourse will ultimately triumph, if given the chance. All I ask is that we stop coercion, we stop shouting, and we start deliberating. The miscreants of the far-right will be purged, and we will again be the party of Lincoln, Reagan, and Buckley. A party based in principal, harboring no scum, is what is best for both the Republican Party and the United States of America. It is, indeed, time for a purge.

  • John MacWilliams

    Riley is my grandson, so I’m partial. I have observed politics for over 50 years, learning little by little what it meant. I personally think in the current stinko discourse, there is a trend among the young to accept extreme socialist viewpoints. Our youth is the easiest target for this, and it usually ends up as communism when the leaders of the movement can’t get what they want without force. Also, there will always be jerks in our society. You need to accept that without trying to use that small slice of our society as a reason to clamp down on trumped up sexist and racist movements – which are a small, illiterate part of our society. Let people who abort unborn babies and those who place or are placed on some aitheist socialist altar because of mechanical or software related bodily mixups make their own case.
    Most of us, particularly older people, remember when all these things were non-issues, dealt with on an individual basis.